Slot Die Coating

Slot Die Coating is a repeatable, reliable coating method that continues to gain favor in a variety of coating applications. Slot Die coating offers many advantages over alternate coating methods. The pre-metered application, in a properly designed system, provides uniform coat weights, with the ability to handle a wide range of viscosities, flow rates and percent solids, with extremely thin coatings capable of being applied to a wide range of substrates.

The Slot Die process provides a closed delivery path eliminating potentially harmful volatiles of solvent-based fluids from evaporation and the resultant change in viscosity and consistency in the coating.

Stripes and patterns can be easily applied using the Slot Die process.

Allied Dies builds Fixed Slot Dies, Flexible Lip Dies, with or without hardened Lip Inserts. Dies are constructed from corrosion resistant materials to the highest quality and precision.

Fixed Slot DuraCoat® Coating Die

Triple Manifold DuraCoat® Fixed Slot Coating Die

Lip Gap Opening

Triple Manifold DuraCoat® Slot Die

Manifold Cavity

Pilot Line Coating Station

51" Fixed Slot Die

DuraCoat® Die coating Station

Die Coating Station

Patch Coating