Sheet Dies

The production of Sheet Dies is one of the most diverse segments of the extrusion industry, in terms of width, thickness and polymers. Allied Dies offers the products and experience to serve the varied industries, including thermoformed packaging, appliance, automotive, home building and construction, optical quality sheet, litho-grade sheet and industrial applications, to name a few. Superior designs and quality products include Single and Multi-Manifold Dies, Manual and DuraGauge Automatic Lip Adjustment Systems, and a wide range of optional and auxiliary equipment.

78" Dual ManiFold Dual Rapid Gap®(Patented US Patent No. 8,506,280)

84" Dual Rapid Gap®(Patented US Patent No. 8,506,280)

DuraFlex® AH-100 Die

DuraFlex® AR-100 Die

DuraGuage® Die & DuraFlow® Feedblock in Sheet Application

The Rapid Slide™ Lip Adjustment System is a single point adjustment on the lower, removable lip of the die that is used to extend the lip opening range. While applicable for all extrusion processes, it is used primarily in the sheet industry. The purpose of this feature on the Dies is to separate the cross web guage adjustments from the overall gap adjustment. The unique system (patent applied for) consists of a single point adjustment located on the end of the die. This allows the sheet producer to have better control over machine direction orentiation.