Co-Extrusion Systems

Allied Dies Inc. offers Co-Extrusion systems for enhanced product performance.

Whether its oxygen or moisture barrier for rigid or flexible packaging, adding colored cap layers, burying recycle, adding a heat-seal later, making stripes or combining any performance enhancing polymers, Allied Dies, Inc. has the expertise and products to help improve your product.

  • Improve layer uniformity
  • Versatility and flexibility are built into every system
  • Multi-Manifold Dies
  • Feedblocks and Single Manifold Dies
  • Coextrusion Dies for producing alternating stripes of polymer

Seven Layer DuraFlow® Feedblock and Die

Sheet Die and 5 Layer DuraFlow® Feedblock

3-Layer DuraFlow® Feedblock

81" Dual Manifold – Dual Rapid Gap®(Patented US Patent No. 8,506,280)
The Rapid Gap®(Patented US Patent No. 8,506,280) system incorporates a hinged lip with a single point adjustment used to set the overall lip gap.
This feature is separate from a conventional flexible lip which is used to control cross web profile.

Dual Manifold DuraFlex® Die

5-Layer Feedblock and Die for Pilot Line

6 Layer DuraFlow® Feedblock with DuraGauge® Die

11 Layer Feedblock

DuraFlow® Feed Block with DuraGauge® Die